Canon EOS 5D

Canon EOS 5D Rechargeable Battery, Backup Battery and Battery Charger

Rechargeable batteries, backup batteries and battery chargers for the Canon EOS 5D. The Canon EOS 5D rechargeable batteries we have are made by Energizer and come with a 2 year warranty. The Energizer and Ansmann universal battery chargers charge the EOS 5D battery quickly from either the mains or from a 12v car socket. Why not add a spare backup battery for your Canon EOS 5D too.
Canon EOS 5D Backup Battery

Canon EOS 5D Backup Battery

Ref: lit-2016-c1
Canon EOS 5D Backup Battery (Not 5D Mark II)
CR2016 - 20mm x 1.6mm - 3V - Lithium

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