Ansmann PowerLine 4 Pro Battery Charger and Analyser

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Ansmann PowerLine 4 Pro Battery Charger and Analyser
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1 - 4


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Ansmann PowerLine 4 Pro Battery Charger and Battery Analyser Product Details

The Ansmann PowerLine 4 Pro is a Microprocessor controlled battery charger and battery analyser with individual supervision and control of each inserted cell for 1-4 AAA or AA cells. The LCD Display of the PowerLine 4 Pro shows the progress of each individual battery and lets you know when each battery is ready.

Using the Ansmann Powerline 4 Pro you can Charge - Discharge - Test and Refresh your batteries and find out just how well they are able to perform, allowing you to filter out the batteries that are past their best. When discharging it reports the mAh your battery is really able to deliver and the Refresh mode helps revive batteries allowing you to get a little more life out of them.

The Ansmann PowerLine 4 Pro is a desk top style unit, and comes with a world-wide power supply that incorporates both a UK and Euro plug. The added In-Car charging capability makes it a great travel charger for both home and abroad.

  • Intelligent battery charger and battery analyser

  • Adjustable charging currents for each charging slot

  • Adjustable discharge currents for each charging slot

  • Charge - Discharge - Test - Refresh

  • Displays battery capacity in mAh

  • Desktop charger for 1-4 AAA or AA batteries

  • Multiple over-charge protection

  • Individual supervision of every cell position and faulty cell detection

  • Charge any combination of AA or AAA rechargeable cells at the same time

  • Trickle charge once charging is complete

  • World-Wide Power Supply (UK & Euro Plug)

  • Large Multi-functional clear LCD display

  • USB Power Output providing 5V and up to 1A to charge your USB devices

  • 3 year warranty

Batteries NOT Included

Ansmann Description

The ANSMANN POWERLINE 4 PRO is designed for charging AAA and AA NiMH or NiCd rechargeable batteries. This battery charger is able to simultaneously charge 1-4 AA or AAA rechargeable batteries each with their own adjustable charging current:

400mA / 600mA / 800mA for 1-4 batteries
400mA / 600mA / 800mA / 1500mA / 1800mA for 1-2 batteries

The Ansmann Powerline 4 Pro has an LCD Display that can show the selected charging program for each slot. The charging programs are Charge, Discharge, Refresh (Cycle of charging and discharging to refresh old batteries), and Test (Fully charges battery, discharges battery and measures capacity, recharges battery).

The display of the Powerline 4 Pro shows individual monitoring of the cells as Voltage (V), Capacity (mAh/Ah), Time (hh:mm) and Current (mA).

The Ansmann Powerline 4 Pro battery analyser and battery charger offers microprocessor controlled charging and supervision of each cell, multiple over charging protection per battery, auto cut-off function, trickle charging, reverse polarity protection, alkaline and faulty cell detection.

In addition, the POWERLINE 4 PRO has a 5V 1000mA USB socket for charging a variety of devices such as smart phones (e.g. iPhone, Samsung, Sony, Nokia & iPad). Included, is a 100-240V AC power supply with UK and EU interchangeable plugs and a 12V DC Car Lead adaptor for use on the road.

Our Opinion

Our Opinion and review of the Ansmann PowerLine 4 Pro Battery Charger and Battery Analyser

Well we've been playing with the Ansmann Powerline 4 Pro for a little while now and what a great little battery charger it is. Not only is it able to act just like any intelligent battery charger, so just insert your rechargeable batteries and let it get on with charging them, but the PowerLine 4 Pro is also a powerful battery analyser.

It may not have as many settings as the Powerex Wizard One (MAHA C9000) or be quite as powerful but the PowerLine 4 Pro from Ansmann is half the size, comes with the In-Car lead and has plenty of settings to be able to know just how good your rechargeable batteries really are.

The Ansmann PowerLine 4 Pro comes with a compact mains adapter that includes interchangeable plugs for use in Europe and the UK. Also included is an In-car power lead, so you can charge test and analyse your batteries on the go for any standard car cigar lighter socket.

The Ansmann PowerLine 4 Pro functions:

Battery Charge

As you might expect in this setting the PowerLine 4 Pro will charge your batteries then drop to a trickle charge once complete. All batteries are charged independently of each other, so you can insert them in any order at any time and mix battery capacities and sizes as you need to.

By default the PowerLine 4 Pro will charge at 600mA, but you can also set charge rates of 400mA, 600mA or 800mA when charging 1 - 4 batteries at a time, you can also charge at 1500mA and 1800mA if only charging 1 or 2 rechargeable batteries

Battery Discharge

In this mode, the Powerline 4 Pro will discharge your rechargeable batteries before moving on to the Charge cycle. The discharge rate defaults to 300mA, but like the charge routine you can alter this to one of the 3 discharge options - 200mA, 300mA or 400mA

Battery Refresh

This is a clever routine that discharges and recharges your batteries repeatedly (up to 10 times) till no improvement in battery capacity if measured. Again you can set the charge and discharge rates in the same way as you can with the dedicated charge and discharge routines.

This refresh routine is a great way of recovering old rechargeable batteries or those that just haven't been used for a while.

Battery Test

This Test routine will charge, discharge then recharge your rechargeable batteries, then at the end will report the measured discharge capability of each of the rechargeable batteries in mAh or Ah. This is a great way of find out just how much each or your rechargeable batteries is able to deliver, but remember that this is never likely to be as good as the capacity shown of the battery label.

In function the Ansmann PowerLine 4 Pro is similar to the Technoline chargers we have seen before, but it feels like a higher quality unit, well designed and manufactured, and of course all Ansmann battery chargers come with a 3 year warranty giving you great long term peace of mind.

So we really like the Ansmann Powerline 4 Pro and it gets our "Staff Choice" award.


Ansmann PowerLine 4 Pro Technical Details

Input Voltage:
100V - 240V AC (UK & Euro Plug)
12V DC (Car Adapter Included)

Charge Rate:
400mA, 600mA & 800mA for 1 - 4 x AAA size batteries
400mA, 600mA & 800mA for 1 - 4 x AA size batteries
400mA, 600mA, 800mA, 1500mA & 1800mA for 1 - 2 x AA size batteries

Discharge Rate:
200mA, 300mA & 400mA for 1 - 4 x AA or AAA size batteries

119mm x 67mm x 31mm

310g (Excluding batteries)

Charge Times

Approximate Battery Charge Times for the Ansmann PowerLine 4 Pro

As the charge rate can be set the charge times can vary significantly depending on the settings selected, but this gives an idea of range you can expect.

AAA NiMH 800mAh 1.2 - 2.4 hours
AAA NiMH 1000mAh 1.5 - 3.0 hours
AAA NiMH 1100mAh 1.6 - 3.2 hours

AA NiMH 1300mAh 0.8 - 3.9 hours
AA NiMH 1800mAh 1.2 - 5.5 hours
AA NiMH 2000mAh 1.3 - 6.0 hours
AA NiMH 2500mAh 1.6 - 7.5 hours
AA NiMH 2700mAh 1.8 - 8.0 hours
AA NiMH 2850mAh 1.9 - 8.5 hours
Additional Information

Additional Information

Compatible Batteries AAA (LR3), AA (LR6)
MPN 1001-0005-UK
Brand Ansmann
Model Number PowerLine 4 Pro
SKU chg-ans-pl4pro
Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price £36.95

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