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Information on Battery Recycling with Tantronics is able to take back and recycle used batteries free of charge for recycling for customers within the UK, but as used batteries are classed as "Waste", they must not be sent in the post.

By recycling your used batteries via dedicated battery collection points you are contributing to protecting our environment and the earth's natural resources.

Batteries are made from important resources and chemicals, including lead, cadmium, zinc, lithium and mercury. If batteries are disposed of as normal municipal household waste, they will be taken to a landfill site and those resources will be lost and will contribute to the pollution of the environment. Recycling is one way you can help the environment and you should dispose of used batteries separately from other waste, using the collection and recycling schemes available.

Your role in contributing to the recycling of waste batteries and in preventing pollution of the environment is essential. Each used battery that you place in a recycling box will be taken apart and many of the materials will be recovered and used to make new batteries or something else.

How UK Customers Can Recycle Batteries with BatteryBack and Tantronics

We have a collection point set up at our warehouse in Stockport. Anyone with a used battery can call in and place it in our recycling box FREE OF CHARGE and there is no requirement for you to buy anything either, but this MUST be done BY ARRANGEMENT as our warehouse is open irregular hours and seperate from the main office services.

It may be more convenient for you to use a local collection point, please click [HERE] to identify a battery collection point near you that will accept your used batteries free of charge.

You may also contact your local authority for information on a recycling facility in your area that will take back your used batteries.

Used batteries MUST NOT be returned to us via mail.

All batteries are labeled with the crossed-out wheeled bin below, to indicate that they should not be disposed of as normal waste, but in specific recycling centres.

 Crossed-out wheeled bin Symbol