Ring RSC612 - 12V 12A Smart Charge Car Battery Charger

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Ring RSC612 - 12V 12A Smart Charge Car Battery Charger
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  • 12V Charger
  • 12A Max Charge
  • 7 Stage Ultra Smart
  • 25-300Ah Batteries
  • Battery Refresh
  • LCD Display
  • Battery Analyser
  • Cranking Test
  • Memory Saver
  • Lead Acid Batteries
  • GEL Batteries
  • CALCIUM Batteries
  • AGM Batteries
  • EFB Batteries
  • START/STOP Batteries

Ring RSC612 Intelligent Lead Acid Battery Charger and Battery Analyser

The Ring RSC612 is a 7 stage smart lead acid battery charger compatible with all the latest types of 12V batteries including, Wet Lead Acid, GEL, Calcium, AGM EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery).

The RSC612 also has specific charge programs for winter charging and charging the latest generation of batteries used in START/STOP vehicles.

The large clear LCD display and simple controls make the Ring RSC612 easy to setup and understand providing clear feedback of the charger status.

RING RSC612 Features:

  • Large Clear LCD Display
  • Polarity Check
  • 7 Stage Charger
  • Compatible with all battery types
  • Memory Saver
  • Specific START/STOP Program
  • Winter/Cold Weather Mode
  • Maintenance Mode
  • Repair Mode
  • Battery Analyser

The Ring RSC612 provides 7 charge stages:

  1. Desulphation
    The automatic desulphation stage pulse charges the battery to breakdown the build up of lead sulphate crystals. These crystals occur when a battery has been discharged or left unused for a period of time.
  2. Soft Start
    A slow steady build up of the charging process that limits the charging current applied until the battery voltage is above 12v.
  3. Bulk Charge
    The main part of the charging process where 80% of the required charge is applied
  4. Absorption
    Charged up to full capacity with a steady decline in charging current to allow the battery to absorb more power.
  5. Battery Test
    The SmartCharge conducts an automatic discharge test. If further charging is required the battery recondition function is automatically selected. If fully charged the battery goes into the float stage.
  6. Recondition
    An additional automatic charging stage to recover deeply discharged batteries.
  7. Float
    The float stage maintains the battery at 100% charge without overcharging or damaging the battery, allowing the charger to be left connected to the battery for an indefinite period. Ideal for batteries used only intermittently, such as seasonally used batteries including motorcycles, caravans, boats and classic cars.

The Ring RSC612 Provides the Following Battery Analyser functions:

  • Battery Voltage/Charge State
    Displayed as a %
  • Battery Start Power
    Measures the voltage drop during engine starting
  • Alternator Output
    Measures the battery voltage with the engine running under lead and no-load conditions.
  • Battery Capacity
    Measures the battery CCA or EN values for comparison to battery specification
  • Multi stage fully automatic SmartCharger
  • Auto Charge applies the fastest charge, based on battery size
  • Includes settings for both standard vehicles and START/STOP
  • Includes battery repair tools to increase performance and battery life
  • Includes the following battery and alternator analysis tools
    - Battery voltage – displays as a % the voltage status of a battery
    - Start power test – measures voltage drop during engine start to identify potential battery issues
    - Alternator check – tests the recharging performance of the vehicles alternator
    - Battery cranking performance - measures the battery’s cold cranking performance to determine engine starting ability
  • Interactive LCD display
  • Memory saver function allows vehicle and audio settings to be retained if the battery is removed


Ring RSC612 Technical Details

Input Voltage:
230V AC (UK Plug)

Charge Rate:
Up to 12A

Battery capacity:

Operation Modes:
Winter Charging mode
Battery Voltage Test
Alternator Test
Start Power Test
Battery Performance (CCA/EN) Test

Battery cable Length:

280mm x 270mm x 88mm

Additional Information

Additional Information

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